Tuesday, July 28, 2015

first day of 1st grade

They say when you have children it is like your heart is walking around outside your body.  Truer words have never been spoken.  Halle is an incredible friend and great companion to have around.  So, I was more than a little worried about sending her off to first grade.  She has been my little BFF for the past 6 years and now I was sending her away for the bulk of her day.  If she hadn't been so excited to go, I probably would have been a bigger mess than I already was.  
But, I am happy to share her kindness, goodness, goofiness, and desire to make others happy with others.  I have no doubt she can change the world, she has already changed mine.

lagoon 2014

Ernst and Young paid for each family to spend the day at Lagoon.  We loved it!  Lily was terrified on most rides, and Halle finally decided to branch out on faster rides.  Bulgy the whale and the space ship ride were Lily's highlights and Halle fell in love with the swinging pirate ship.
It provided the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends who have moved away. We miss those Bartons fiercely. 
What a perfect summer day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

new york city

Wes called me during the week and asked if I wanted to take the girls to NYC in a week.  An opportunity at work had come up where they would need him in New York for a week.  We used our sky miles so all of us could go.  It was so spontaneous and gave me a bit of anxiety, but we couldn't pass it up!  The morning after Andrea's wedding we flew into the JFK airport.  The girls were obsessed with riding in taxis.  
We spent the evening grabbing some pizza on the street and walking around Times Square.  
The girls were in awe at all the people, the cars, and the tall buildings.  I could barely get them to look at the camera, there was too much to see! 
We took them to the M and M store and spent some time around Rockefeller center with their fantastic display of split rocker.
The next day Wes was off to work and us girls were left on our own.  Our first stop was the American Girl doll store.  It was incredible.  I let the girls pick out a little something.  
We stopped at the New York library and were sad to find the famous reading room was closed for renovations.  
We spent the afternoon riding the carousel and exploring Bryant Park. 
 The girls couldn't believe there was an ice cream stand on every corner of every street.  Grabbing a cone on our long walks was one of their favorite things.  
We spent a good chunk of the day shopping for new school clothes for Halle on fifth avenue.  It was like a dream come true to hold a bunch of bags as we walked by gorgeous displays in store windows.  

We met up with dad for dinner, more pizza of course!
The next day we were feeling courageous and took the subway out to the museum of natural history.  We spent the morning inside and had a great time.  
Afterwards we took a walk through central park and then found ourselves having our first shake shack experience.  
Oh we still dream about those burgers and shakes.
Halle quickly picked up on the directions.  She knew the order of the streets and where our hotel was.  
The girls loved our hotel.  They liked to sit in the window and watch the busy city below.  They tried to spot dad heading to work or heading home.  
The next day we walked down to central park and went to the central park zoo.  We loved exploring and playing in central park. 
That night we ate with Wes and then headed to the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was one of the highlights of our trip to walk across as the sun was setting.  We watched the city light up and turned back about halfway across.
We spent the next morning in Washington Square park playing at the playground.  The girls were thrilled to see the flatiron building that we have a picture of hanging in our house.  
Dad was able to join us at the Museum of Modern Art that afternoon.  It was weird and wonderful and Lily napped through most of it.
Starry night was breathtaking.  We couldn't even get Lily to look away from it.
The next morning we all headed out to see Halle's number one must see location, the Empire State Building.  We paid a bit more to skip the three hour line and it was worth every penny.  We got to the top and the girls were in heaven.  
What an amazing sight.  So touristy, but really incredible!  We went out to see the statue of liberty from afar and then to the 9/11 memorial.  It was so beautiful.  Lily napped while Halle was quiet and thoughtful.  
We took off for the Metropolitan museum of art and got lost for an afternoon among famous art.
  We stopped for ramen for dinner and it was divine.  
 It was a perfect last day.  The next morning we flew home.  
I had no idea New York City with kids could be so incredible.  
My girls never complained once.  They walked all over that city with me giggling and holding maps.  We loved exploring new restaurants and trying new treats.  There was so much more we wished we could have done.  The girls were so sad to leave they were a bit teary.  Lily has decided she is going to serve a mission there.  We still talk about this trip all the time. It is safe to say we have fallen in love.  It was the perfect trip and gave us a small taste of what it would be like to work at Ernst and Young in times square.  We LOVE NY!