Thursday, September 25, 2014

daddy daughter dance

Halle's school hosted a daddy daughter dance in February.  It was all she could think about for weeks.  Nothing tugs at my heart strings more than seeing this fantastic daddy fulfill his little girl's dreams.  
Me and my limited hair abilities thought it was best to bring in an expert to glam Halle up for her special night out.  Our fairy god-auntie Kendyl came over and made sure every hair was perfect, she even brought some glitter for extra sparkle.  She knows us so well.

Halle was bouncing off the walls and so excited to spend an evening alone with dad.  Lily of course had to be right in the action, had to dress up, and Kendyl gave her an Elsa braid.  Wes and Halle had to sneak out the door so she wouldn't get upset about not being able to go.
 We are so grateful Kendyl took some time out of her day to make the night extra special.
They danced the night away and ate lots of cake.  Halle felt like a princess at a ball.  In my opinion, the Bell girls have snagged the coolest prince around. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

christmastime 2013

We love the Christmas season and the girls especially love our advent calendar filled with candy and a fun or spiritual holiday activity inside.  It was filled with our usual traditions this year, and they seem to love them more and more each year.  We start each Christmas season off with a trip to the live nativity in Alpine.  Some of their favorite activities include:
visiting the reindeer at thanksgiving point
 making (and eating) gingerbread houses
performing our own nativity at home (my personal fave)
seeing the christmas lights at temple square
anything snow related
grandma bell helped us start a new tradition with the wishing chair
decorating our christmas tree
the family christmas party (santa came this year!)
I loved hearing my Halle sing in her christmas program at school
This year we spent Christmas day in St. George with the Nimers.  The girls loved playing with cousins.  Lily had a freak accident in the bouncy house the day before Christmas Eve and couldn't walk for the next two days.  She was x-rayed and the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her.  On Christmas day her dad gave her a priesthood blessing and after he was finished she declared with every little ounce of her faith "I'm all better."  And the girl who would not take two steps for the past two days, walked across the room and into my arms.  She still limped, but believed she was healed and it made all the difference.  It truly was a Christmas miracle.
Santa brought the girls American girl dolls complete with their own little horses.  They were showered with gifts from sweet relatives.  These girls are truly loved.
 Wes was excited to have a Christmas do-over after being released from the hospital the year before on Christmas Eve with a feeding tube.  It is amazing to see the progress he made in a year.  I still count my many blessings that he is here to celebrate holidays and everything in between with us.