Thursday, March 26, 2009

1927 Was a Good Year...

Although apparently the exact date is not known because so many people contributed to this wonderful 1927 the first signal was transmitted from one room to another. The image that showed up was a dollar sign and so I say then and there that t.v. was created. I can't believe what a blessing television is in my life and I never thought I would say that until I had Halle. I probably love t.v. too much. I am so content to watch my fave shows with my family every night American Idol, SYTYCD, Gilmore Girls (R.I.P.) and Biggest Loser, but t.v. has taken on a whole new meaning in my life. Basically, Halle loves it. She always has. Even as a new born we would catch her looking at the flashing lights coming out of the screen. But just recently I have seen t.v. in a whole new light. I am sure there are some mothers out there who are cringing at the thought of a nine month old watching t.v. but I don't think they see what it does for my child. Our aunt Erika has lovingly called their television "The Learning Box" and I have even heard Barney (the big purple dinosaur) call it "The Adventure Screen." Whatever your thoughts are about children watching t.v. are you should know this: there are days when Halle is so wired she is climbing all over me and every thing else (if you have ever held her or even seen her you know that she is often out of control and it is not like we can just take her outside and let her play because Provo is still freezing!) Sometimes she is so out of breath she sounds like she just ran a marathon, but when I turn on Barney she still continues to play, but she starts to calm down. She watches a little and plays a little and her breathing slows down. Please note that Halle does not cry when the t.v. is turned off and she loves loves loves to read books. In my unbiased opinion (hehe) she is one heck of a smart girl. She is not an addict, but somehow the learning box has a calming power over her. She loves the music and the silly sound effects. I find nothing wrong with that. So thank you Philo T. Farnsworth and the many others who have provided a positive outlet for my little girls energy. I'm serious, when she is older we are going to have to get this girl into sports or something because she is nuts!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yes I'm back. We have been MIA. Kendyl inspired me with her comeback post. I figure if a busy working girl like her can take a few minutes and update the fam via the internet, then a stay at home mom can too. So here goes the Bell family highlight reel:

1. We had a great Christmas in St. George (Wes got me an amazing camera which I will use to post super high quality pictures)
2. Wes started and finished his internship with Ernst and Young
3. We lived with both sets of parents for a little bit during the internship (sorry for all the messes, clutter, noise, etc.) We are so grateful you all let us crash for awhile! It made our lives so much easier!
4. Wes was offered a full time job at Ernst and Young after he graduates.
5. Halle has learned to sit up, crawl, pull herself up on furniture, she has even said mama a couple of times, but still no teeth. She growls all the time so we have now named her our monster princess. Her new favorite flavor is artificial cheese (found on cheetos and doritos) definitely takes after her mama on that one.
6. I turned 23 and have almost lost all the baby weight. Those last few stubborn pounds are holding on for dear life.
7. We are now an aunt and uncle (and Halle has her first cousin)! Jake Bodine was born Feb. 28 and he is absolutely adorable. Parents and baby are doing well.
8. We are back in Provo while Wes has a month off before he starts school again in the spring. I am loving spending time with him and all the help I get with our busy body daughter.

Well that's all for now. I will be much better at this once I get Halle's jumper back in my life so I can plop her in there and let her get her wiggles out while keeping my hands free to type. (They're usually busy pulling Halle off furniture befire she falls backwards)