Tuesday, April 23, 2013

disney on ice

 What did I want for my birthday this year?  Sleep and tickets to Disney on Ice.  Am I five? Maybe.  But as our dear friend Rapunzel said: best. day. ever.  Wes is such a good sport.  I love that he loves to take me and the girls to stuff like this and that he is so happy to just see us happy.  We scored some second row seats and us three girls were mesmerized for two whole hours.  
There's that wonderful daddy. And oh hey there $12 snowcone.  If you ask Lily it was worth every cent.  
Wes took us out to dinner afterwards downtown.  I really did love this way too much.  I'm not kidding: best. day. ever.  These three sure make life so much fun, add in the magic of disney and it is downright heavenly.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

to my girls

Some of our favorite days this winter have been the afternoons we spent sledding the hills in our backyard.  We would bundle Lily up and Halle would put on her kitty ear hat that you just had to have.  There is something about little bums in snow pants.  I would put on dad's size thirteen duck boots with the hole because I still don't own any snow clothes of my own.  Sometimes we would ride the big hills, all three of us on a tiny sled, "home alone" screaming all the way down.  Sometimes you girls would stick to the small hills and ride down by yourselves.  But mostly you would sit down and eat snow.  Completely unsanitary I know, but no matter what I told you about the dangers of yellow snow or dirt you still ate it and Lily would eat it just because she saw big sissy doing it.  Lily would literally take one ride down then hill and then sit and feast.  Halle is more of a grazer and eats as she plays.  I try not to think about it too much.  
What a year you have had.  Dad in and out of the hospital and mom there with him.  Routines and schedules were periodically thrown off.  Boy, you're resilient.  Their little minds forget and they find happiness in each day.  I have discovered a little bit about each of your spirits and the roles you have played in our family during your short little lives on this earth.  You have each brought peace and joy to our home amidst darkness and tribulation.
To my Halle girl: You are so strong.  You have this incredible ability to be calm even when things are not the way they should be.  You have given me much strength.  You came into this world very mature.  Wise beyond your years.  I have always been able to reason with you.  I think you came that way for a reason.  You have helped us to look outside of ourselves and see the joy in each day.  I want you to know how much you have mattered to this family.  Your presence in our family has been a great blessing.  You are an essential piece.  One day the world may try to make you feel like you don't matter, you're not that important, or you can't do great things.  I hope you always remember how much you have already mattered to me.  You were the peace in the storm and one of the angels sent to bear me up through great trial.  You can do great things, because even at a young age you already have.  Your kindness to your sister has done so much for her.  Most of the things she learns she learns from you.  I hope you remember her eyes are always watching you and I couldn't have picked any one better for her to look up to.
To my Lily pie:  You are so full of life.  You teach us so much about being passionate every day.  Your sense of humor has been one of the greatest blessings to your dad.  There is nothing like a smile and a giggle from little Lily.  Your enthusiasm is contagious.  I hope it is something that stays with you throughout your life.  People will be drawn to you because of it (that is if you can get the hitting and the hair pulling under control :))  The positive spirit and joy you have will spread like wildfire among all of us.  You will make sure this family always has fun.  
President Thomas S. Monson said: "A popular song includes the words, “There are angels among us.” These angels are quite frequently the precious little ones God, our Father, has entrusted to our earthly care. "
You girls are my angels who have helped to ease my burdens and heal my heart.