Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ninja Domo Infiltrated Weston's Fortress

He opened the envelope and the card read "Ninja Domo infiltrates your fortress with a birthday wish!" (Open Card) "Try as you might you cannot escape." This is just one of the sweet highlights from Wes's birthday bash. I knew I married into one heck of an amazing family. And the fact that they found that birthday card, purchased it, and gave it to a young man turning the ripe old age of 25 makes me sure that eternity is going to be sa-weet!

On the 23rd Weston turned 25. My goal every holiday/celebration is to surprise him. However, every time he foils my plots. Either he is really good or I stink at stealth. (Ex. For Valentines day I found some amazing tickets online to a Mika concert in Salt Lake. I ordered them and have them sent to our house thinking this would be fine. Please note that Wes NEVER gets the mail, so I thought I was safe. Turns out that the one day he thinks "Hey, I'll go get the mail today" the tickets come and he thinks the envelope looks interesting and sees the tickets. Surprise terminated.) This year I got him some key pieces from IKEA that he has been coveting (also please note I married the perfect man because he happens to love interior decorating and all things IKEA). One of them was quite large so I was pretty proud of myself for going all the way up to Draper and bringing it back and into the house without him seeing. I put it under the couch because that was really and truly the only place that it would fit. And honestly, why would he look under the couch within the next week? Turns out, Halle loves to spit out her binky and turns out it just happened to roll under the couch and turns out he saw his stinking present and turns out once again I fail at life and all things birthday.

Despite being foiled again I think he had a great birthday. He had already received his trip to Seattle in August so presents were minimal. I made him breakfast. The eggs were nasty (never could master the art of scrambling). We went to church. I made him his faves: roast, mashed potatoes, parker house rolls, and to top it all off a strawberry cheesecake. He took his IKEA treasures and put them up in our apartment. We played with Halle and relaxed. I don't know how he felt about it, but I sure had fun. Happy Birthday my love! So happy we get to be together for many eternal moons!
Also, my little Halle girl reached a glorious milestone in her young life. At 4 months she ROLLED over on the day before her daddy's birthday!! We weren't able to catch the first roll with our video camera because we went to Sandy to celebrate the birthday with the fam and we left it. However, I did catch several key photographs of the little squirt in motion. Her new skill now requires me to have eagle eyes on her at all times, but I was so stinkin' proud!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Daily Grind

At the end of the day when I am holding Halle and rocking her to sleep I often wonder what exactly I did all day. Where did the day go? Did I even do anything? Some days it doesn't feel like and some days looking around my house it looks like I definitely didn't do anything.

7:00 a.m.-My day usually begins when I am woken up by the sound of Halle moving around and grunting in her crib letting me know it is time to get up. (She never cries to get out just grunts till I come get her and than she is all smiles! Definitely one of the best part of the day if I'm not feeling too tired) She wants to eat right away of course. I nurse her and than get myself some breakfast. We play for about half an hour and than she starts to get tired again.

8:30 a.m.-Halle goes down for a nap and yes I take one too. This is one of the most precious times during the day for me because she sleeps so well and I get a little bit caught up on the sleep I missed the night before.

10:30 a.m.-Halle is up again and ready for more food. After her feeding she usually gets a bath every other day. Than it is my turn to get ready. For some reason Halle is so content to sit in her bouncer and watch me get ready for the day. She especially loves my straightener. She just bounces herself and watches mom. It is pretty sweet.

12:00 p.m.-I usually grab a quick lunch and than Halle and I run out and do any errands I need to do. Mostly this consists of going to the grocery store. Somewhere along the way she will usually fall asleep in her car seat for about 40 minutes (She takes about three of these little cat naps a day).

2:00 p.m.-Halle is ready to eat again and since she passed the four month mark the doc said I can add rice cereal to her diet. I usually feed her the cereal in the afternoon. She loves it and will start to fuss if I can't shovel it into her mouth as fast as the wants. Surprisingly she will still do a full nursing session even after she has had her cereal. She is a bottomless pit! We usually play with some toys and read books after she eats.

3:30 p.m.-Halle starts to get a little antsy in the afternoons so if I don't have more errands to run I usually take her for a walk in the stroller up around the Provo temple grounds. Halle loves to be outside and won't even listen to me calling her name when we are out there. She is in her own world looking at everything going on around her. Usually she will fall asleep before we get home. Once we do get home I try to do a little cleaning or relax with a book until she finishes her nap.

5:15 p.m.- Halle is up and eating again. I usually put her in her bouncer afterwards and let her sit close by while I get dinner ready unless Wes has come home and than he will usually play with her. She watches Wes and I eat most days. However, oftentimes she seems to know when it is time for us to eat and wants to be held up at the table. All glasses and plates must be pushed far back from her because she is very grabby!

7:00 p.m.-At night Halle and I just get to play unless I have started a load of laundry and than it is much harder to do that. Sometimes she will take a nap and sometimes she will stay up until her next feeding. She is unpredictable at night. Sometimes she is fussy and sometimes she is the happiest she has been all day.

8:30 p.m.-Halle has her last feeding of the day. I change her bum and than put her pajamas on and start the long process of putting her to sleep. She fights sleep so much! She is so tired her eyes are drooping shut, but she will keep kicking and punching the air trying to keep herself awake. I have had to get creative coming up with new ways to put her to sleep because she figures out my tricks after I've used them only a few times.

10:00-10:30 p.m.-Halle is finally asleep enough that I can put her down for the night in her crib. As much as she fights it, she really is an amazing sleeper. Most nights she will stay asleep until 7. Some nights she still wakes up just because she wants her binky. After I put her down I finally have some time to do whatever I want which mostly is sleep. So I read, get ready for bed, have a short conversation with Wes (which is sometimes the only conversation we have had all day) and pray.
11:30 p.m.- Mommy goes to bed!

I guess I don't really do much, but keep my little Halle alive and keep our house running (and I do a pretty poor job of that...just look at the mess!) That is a typical day for me. Some are more productive and some days I don't even have time to get out of my pajamas and shower until I have put her down for the night while the dishes keep piling up. But when that little girl smiles it just melts my heart and I don't care about what I should have or should be doing. I love being a mom!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Last Saturday we went to Scott and Christy's Halloween party in Pleasant Grove. We were having a hard time coming up with costumes. Finally Saturday morning it hit me and here is was the finished product:
Here we are as Dwight, Angela, and Angela's cat Sprinkles from the Office. I have a hard time making my face do anything but smile so being Angela was really hard for me as you can see in the picture. Wes was one heck of an awesome Dwight, just look at that part in the middle of his hair. I'm thinking maybe I should go blonde. And Sprinkles was adorable, although her cat ears were made for adults so they looked more like bunny ears. And best of all the people at the party knew who we were trying to be. It was a fun night that had to end a little early because Halle crashed at the party and had to be taken home to bed. We also discovered that weekend that Halle has some stranger anxiety. She cries when people she doesn't know hold her, which is weird because she never cries (Sorry Ty and Whit!).

For family night this week we did our annual (okay, this is the second time we have done it, but we're working on traditions here!) pumpkin carving and movie watching night.
It was a little tricky this year with Halle around, but we managed. This year we watched The 'Burbs which isn't the scariest show, but it has some Halloweenesque qualities ("Ricky Butler says they're nocturnal feeders.")

I do the scooping and gutting of the pumpkin because I am the less artistic one and we would end up with a lopsided pumpkin. Plus after changing Halle's diapers I welcome a little pumpkin guts. It's smells better than her innards. Wes does the carving and I always say no using the little patterns because it is so much more fun to wing it. He always does a great job because he tries to make it even and symmetrical and I just kind of go for it. Here is the finished product: the pumpkin we carved along with the little pumpkin we created. (Michele I am so glad you thought to buy this little pumpkin suit last year after we had just found out I was pregnant. These pictures are priceless!)

Now I just can't wait till Halloween when we put Halle in her real Halloween costume. But for now Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

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