Tuesday, May 27, 2014

weston turns thirty

I always chuckle to myself when people complain about how turning thirty or forty or fifty is so sad.  Here is a man who can only hope to reach those milestones and watch our children grow.  What a blessing it is to have any amount of time on earth with loved ones. Even though most days he feels like he is more like a seventy year old man, we are just thrilled he is officially thirty years young!
It felt like a huge victory for this wonderful man of mine to make it this far.  I had no idea how much of a struggle that would be.  
This year Wes was away from us for his birthday.  His dad took him to a BYU football game at Notre Dame.  I loved getting all the picture updates from their trip.  They spent a night in Chicago where they went to Michael Jordan's steak house.  It was a dream come true for my little Jordan lover.  
They drove to Notre Dame and sat through a freezing cold game.  
They did a little sight seeing and then he was home to celebrate with us.  It was good for him to get away, spend some time with his dad, and enjoy a little vacation.  
For his thirtieth I wanted to do something special.  I contacted as many of his relatives as I could and asked them to send me some memories they have of Wes or just a little note to say hello.  I loved reading each response.  I loved getting little glimpses into his childhood, teenage years, and beyond.  Some memories were mischievous, some hilarious, and some were glimpses of the making of an incredible man.  Each hour of his birthday that he was in Chicago I sent him one message from his family members.  They lasted all day and into the night.  Some made him laugh, some made him cry, and some he had completely forgotten and enjoyed remembering.  It was amazing to see how he had affected so many of his family members lives for the better.  I am determined to compile all the messages into a book.  They are something he treasures.  Thank you to everyone who responded to my request.  It made it a special day for him.
After he came home, we celebrated his birthday with him. 
Since cancer he has lost a lot of weight.  He has not been able to wear his wedding ring for awhile now.  It slides right off.  For his birthday we bought him a new ring that fits.  And yes I did get down on one knee to put his new ring on him.
 I always love a chance to celebrate this incredible person who takes care of all of us.  Happy days are so much happier after enduring dark ones.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

barlow arts nutcracker

Halle seems to endure dance class simply because it means she can be on the stage at the end of it all.    She was thrilled to be a part of Barlow Arts Conservatory's production of the Nutcracker in November 2013.  
 She danced the part of an angel in her very favorite color.  
It was a long week of late nights and performances.  
She was such a trooper and loved the make up and being on the stage and being with her friends.  
We had family come from near and far to cheer her on.  And little sister Lily was my audience buddy and watched the performance more than once.  This girl is incredibly loved.
She danced beautifully all week.  On the very last night, her foot caught on her dress and she fell hard on the stage.  My heart stopped as I wondered what she would do.  Then I saw her pop right up out of the fog, smile, and jump back into the dance.  
I thought I couldn't be more proud of her on the nights she danced perfectly, but to see her pick herself back up with such poise after a tumble just about made my little heart burst.