Tuesday, October 22, 2013

halle's fifth birthday

Oh it is getting harder and harder for me to watch this child grow up.  My little angel girl is a child, not a toddler and not a baby.  She wanted to have a princess adventure birthday party complete with makeovers and blue hair.  It has always been a dream of hers to have blue hair.  Makeovers meant no boys allowed, so we rounded up some sweet girls in our neighborhood to party with her.  
First we made bracelets while our guests were arriving.  
After bracelets it was makeover time.  Halle's sweet aunties and grandma were our stylists.  The girls chose eyeshadow and lip colors.  
We chalked their hair different colors, sprayed them with glitter and gave them a crown.  
They each had a glamour shot taken, and I loved the sassy little poses.  
After they were all dolled up they were ready to start their adventure.
Look how tall my Halle girl is compared to all the other girls her age.  Bless her little heart come middle school.
It has become a bit of a tradition in our house to go on a scavenger hunt for cake.  Our first clue told us to look in the woods at the seven dwarfs' house.  To get the next clue everyone had to taste the poison apple.  
Next we helped Cinderella clean up for the ball.
That led us to Rapunzel who needed help painting her walls.
She told us to ask Tiana who wouldn't help us until we helped her pin the kiss on the frog.
Tiana told us to find Prince Eric waiting for us to rescue him from a storm.  The girls braved the rain and brought him in.  He gave them a sword and the location of the dragon who stole the cake.  
The princesses were fearless.
Eventually Prince Eric had to stomp on the dragon with his boot to reveal all the candy and the last clue inside.  
The cake was waiting in sisters crib and it was time to eat.
All of these girls are just darling friends.
They came with the sweetest gifts and we loved having them in our home for a bit.
We love celebrating the most delightful girl on the planet.  It was a very makeup birthday and she ended up giving all of us makeovers.  She is so very loved.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fhe campout

I think I have an unhealthy love for family home evening.  I really look forward to it and most of the time my girls do too.  One of our favorite family night activities is to have a mini campout in our back yard.  We set up our ikea play tent with pillows and blankets in our backyard, because let's be honest we don't own a real tent or even sleeping bags.  The girls help put together the s'mores and we bake them in the oven.  
When we are all outside we tell each other spooky stories, go on bear hunts, and this time we couldn't help but have a silly face contest.  We don't learn  much, but we sure have fun and Halle asks to do this over and over again.  So simple, but so memorable.