Thursday, January 12, 2012


Halle let me put her hair in a bun for ballet class this morning. I had to do it quick because she was starting to whine. Oh how that girl hates getting her hair done. I was worried about how it was slightly off center and her cowlick wasn't laying flat. And then tonight I get on Facebook and see pictures of an old neighbor's toddler looking absolutely beautiful in a fluffy dress showing off her newly shaved head as she battles cancer. And I realized most of my little worries don't really matter all that much. And I'm holding my babies just a little bit tighter tonight and thinking of a sweet toddler and family who are showing us all what it means to have courage.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

24 days of christmas

scenes from our advent calendar activities:
the living nativity in alpine.
started the season off right by traveling back in time to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. and Halle was very happy to note that this particular baby Jesus had a binky.
decorating our christmas tree.
halle ended up doing the whole thing herself and was very proud of it. i didn't have the heart to mess with her hard work so all season long we had lots of ornaments on the bottom half and no ornaments on the
homemade ornaments.
visiting santa's reindeer at thanksgiving point.
halle opted for ice cream instead of hot chocolate.
decorating ginger bread houses.
family christmas party.
complete with a kiddie nativity and a visit from the grinch. halle was a shepherd and miss lily was the baby jesus and surprisingly laid there the whole time
family night nativity.
i think this was my favorite thing the whole month. halle was dying to be mary and was so sweet with the baby doll that was jesus. it was pure heaven to see them all dressed up and watch her sing "away in a manger" in front of our lit christmas tree.
visiting santa.
halle was thrilled to tell santa she wanted a "glair willows doll" and the "perfect christmas barbies." Lily even sat with him and was very interested. she could not stop looking at him.
temple square lights.
temple square is always so gorgeous and magical this time of year. it is definitely worth the traveling and all the bundling up.
decorating christmas cookies for santa.
christmas eve matching jammies thanks to grandma bell.
asleep, waiting to see if santa came.
not pictured: Rachel's nutcracker performance, giggling at home alone bad guys, reading christmas stories, christmas cards, writing letters to santa, and so much more.