Saturday, February 21, 2015

halle turns six

Each year as my Halle gets older my heart breaks a little.  Time is going by too fast.  Yet at the same time she is growing into a beautiful, kind, and special child and I love watching her learn about the world.
All she wanted for her sixth birthday was to party with her best friend Kaylie at Cowabunga Bay water park.  She wanted pizza, and ocean cake, and her aunts to take her on the slides.
 Little sister got to tag along, but still hadn't recovered from her fourth of July stomach bug.  She eventually wanted nothing to do with the water and fell asleep on Grandma.
 The girls loved the lazy river the most.  The big slides proved to be a little much for them.
We rented a cabana for the afternoon where we had pizza and birthday cake.
 We loved celebrating this amazing girl!

fourth of july 2014

We spent our fourth swimming and barbecuing in Sandy with family.  Our girls were so excited to go to the Sandy City parade.  Our Lily started losing steam and fell asleep as we drove to the parade.  We let her nap for a bit and she woke up tired and cranky.
We staked out our spot for the parade.  Halle was loving it, but Lily was still not herself and was still nursing her burned hand.  Wes took her into a nearby grocery store to see if cool air and a cool drink would help perk her up.

They walked inside and he gave her a drink and she threw up all over her dress.

So we packed up our understanding little Halle and headed home early.
We were sad to miss out on the Sandy festivities, but it was nice to watch the fireworks from our porch in our pajamas.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

los angeles 2014

When Wes's work training and one of Andrea's performances with the Los Angeles Ballet all fell on the same week, we decided to load up the whole family and spend the week in California.  We arrived over the weekend to see Andrea's performance.  It was so great to finally be able to see her dance again.  The girls loved it and Andrea was graceful and beautiful.  
We let the girls run around outside while we were waiting for Andi to come out from backstage.  Lily was playing near a huge outdoor light, the kid that lights up a building.  She tripped and tried to catch herself on the light.  Those lights get incredibly hot! Her hand immediately blistered and she was crying as we rushed get her some relief.  We ended up leaving before we got to see Andi and running to a grocery store to get some supplies to soothe her.  It was late enough at night that all Lily really wanted was her mom and some sleep.  She fell asleep in the car and slept through the night while we dressed her burn.  In the morning her blister was huge, but didn't seem to bother her.  
We had planned a trip to Disneyland with Wes's family that day and she was excited to be there, which totally distracted her from the bandage we wrapped around her hand.  
Disneyland to the rescue.  We had a great time with the Ashman side of the family in Disneyland and California adventure.  
Doc Mcstuffins used some of her healing magic on Lily's hand.
After the weekend was over, the rest of the family left and Wes began his week of training.  His hotel was close to LAX where there isn't a ton for us girls to do.  I was nervous about navigating Los Angeles by myself so our first excursion was just down the road to the LAX flight museum.  It was tiny, but the girls were interested and it made for a pleasant morning. 
 I got better and better at the roads and we ventured out further and further to eat, play, and wait for dad to get done.  We loved swimming at the hotel pool.
 When he was finished with training he would take us out to eat and we would usually hang out at a beach until it got dark.  
At the end of the week we got to go back to Disneyland for a couple of more days (hallelujah annual passes!).  Lily's first time on splash mountain was hilarious and she's so traumatized she will probably never go again.  
I love spending time with this family of mine.  And really we didn't want it to end, but I still don't love driving in LA. Although we could have done without the burned hand and the insane parking ticket we got for parking on the line of the parking space.