Thursday, February 23, 2012

santa all year long

For Christmas this past year Wes bought me and the girls the most thoughtful present. I really want to cry every time I think about it. He was anticipating how hard it would get for me to be cooped up all day with no break from the girls and the girls getting no break from me. So he bought us a membership to Thanksgiving point that gives us access to all of their venues anytime we want. I can't wait for it to warm up so we can use it to the full extent at the Children's Discovery Gardens and the farm. But, for now we mostly use it at Halle's favorite spot, the Dinosaur Museum. We have already paid back the cost of the membership because we have gone so many times. It never gets old. Halle can't believe we get to go so much since in the past it was a very rare treat to go. The girls absolutely love it.
So excited to go inside.
Halle visits all her favorite exhibits and digs for dinosaur bones.
Lily is in awe of everything.
With this purchase, he has saved me. When we start to get cabin fever we just pop over to the museum and kill an hour or two. He has given me the gift of sanity and the girls the gift of fun. And you should hear Halle talk about pangea. But, I think Lily's favorite part is the free kiddie cones at the deli.
Thanksgiving point promoted their memberships around Christmas time by saying you could "be santa all year long." How right they were.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

christmas 2011

Yes, I am that far behind, but my darlings went to bed early and wes isn't home from work yet so I have a minute to myself to upload pictures. We spent christmas with the bells this year and it was nothing less than absolutely delightful. Halle was very into the magic of santa and truly believes in the naughty and nice list. I may have held it over her head a few times when I needed cooperation.
Christmas Eve Halle sang her "Away in a Manger" solo she had been practicing all month long. It was angelic and one of the highlights of our Christmas. Michele always finds matching pajamas that you won't just wear on Christmas Eve, but cozy stuff you'll want to wear all year round.
I have some gorgeous sisters-in-law.
They are so sweet with the girls. Halle was so excited Christmas morning.
She was extra good this year with all those big changes like becoming a big sister, potty training, and saying good bye to binkies, so Santa really delivered.
All she wanted was a "glair willows doll" (blair willows, princess charm school barbie) and the perfect christmas barbie doll set.
She received so many gifts from all her family. This girl is truly loved.
And Lily was just happy to be there.
There is nothing like this special time of year and a Christmas with children who believe in magic.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

where in the world have we been?

Where has Halle been?:
To St. George and back, to play.
sick, sick, sick. I've never seen this girl just lay around, eating hardly anything and she certainly has never gone to bed at 7:30. This virus hit her hard.
Playing temple run, she is obsessed.
Playing with some imaginary friend named Kevin.
And Watercoloring, nothing new there.

Where has Lily been?:
To St. George and back, to play.
sick, sick, sick and was just put on another round of antibiotics because she is so congested.
In Mommy's arms or at Mommy's feet pulling on her pants all day long.
Looking for daddy around every corner.
Looking for food everywhere and don't even think about coming near this girl with a drink because you will be sharing it no matter what it is.

Where has Megan been?:
To St. George and back, to play.
Taking care of a sick family and swimming in a bath of germs. Gratefully no sickness for me. I believe in my immune system.
In her sweats, at home, wiping noses and bums. (not my own)
At the church. This primary presidency calling is busy busy, but so incredible. Over 100 children in our primary! And Halle happens to be one of our 20 new sunbeams. I love having her in there!

Where has Wes been?:
St. George and back working long hours.
Work, work, and more work. Busy season has hit us full force.
Sick, sick, sick. He was hardly around the girls, but somehow caught the same bug. I do not believe in his immune system. oh the deals he can find. I love to tease him about this.
At home, watching the girls, while I am at the church doing my duties. This wonderful man has really had to step in and take over.