Monday, December 17, 2012

halloween 2012

This year Halle desperately wanted to be Ariel, red hair and all.  Lily didn't have much of a choice, but was perfectly happy to be minnie mouse, complete with a little black nose.  
Our day started with Halle's preschool Halloween program.  I'm not kidding when I tell you I enjoyed it way too much.  This girl knew her songs and actions, and seeing in her little red wig was the icing on the cake.
That night we went to a neighborhood block party where Halle got to see all her little friends in their costumes.  Lily just liked the food, mostly the cheetos and cupcakes.  
Grandma and Grandpa came down to share in the trick or treating magic.  Halle and Lily started out together and Lily kept saying "more" after every house.  Eventually Lily was cramping Halle's style and she found a group of friends she started chasing all around the neighborhood, while Lily went at her own pace.  
They came home and unloaded and were on a sugar high in no time.  
I was so surprised at how obedient Halle was.  The next day she would only take a candy out of her pumpkin if she had asked permission and she didn't ask that often.  By the third and fourth day she had mostly forgotten about it and so I threw it out, but not before I took out all the twix for myself.
Halle is already asking when it is Halloween again.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

hello, again

I am so very behind. 
I haven't even written about Halloween or shared the pictures from that holiday.
We just got back from a week of magic in California and Disneyland.  It was wonderful and a good break from reality for Wes. 
I feel like I am not quite in the Christmas spirit.
I haven't had a chance to really listen to my Christmas music and only a bit of time to think of gifts and not nearly enough time to do all the activities I love to do in December to bring the true Christmas spirit into our home.  
I feel like we have so much looming in the near future that I need to get through before I can even begin to focus on Christmas.
Wes is having his reversal surgery on Tuesday, complete with possibly five days in the hospital and months and months of recovery.
This one is supposed to be the more painful one.  More painful than having your large intestine removed? I know.  I couldn't believe it either, but the doctors say it is true. 
He will be learning to use his new bowel system made out of his small intestine.  And apparently it is a real doozy.  
I hope to catch up soon, but in the meantime pray for my superman.  He has so many more mountains to climb.