Saturday, October 29, 2011

florida vacation: day three-epcot

Epcot is one of Wes's favorite parks in Florida and that was the park we went to next. Halle thought it was great as well.
And Lily found some fountains which kept her busy for quite some time.
Those are some serious thighs on that girl.
We got to meet Chip and Dale.
I think we went on the Finding Nemo ride at least 6 times.
We did the one stop character spots.
Halle absolutely loved all of these guys who she got to see come to life. There is something about meeting these characters who are almost always part of our morning routine back home.
Lily was on a mission to eat Mickey's nose and several other characters facial features.
Oh Disney, you have this amazing ability to make children fall in love with you. Every day was pure heaven for little Halle.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

florida vacation: day two-magic kingdom

Our second day was spent at my favorite park, magic kingdom. Walking down main street with Halle has to be one of the best feelings. Everything is so magical to her, especially the castle.
Love going on the rides with the girls.
Halle was tall enough to ride most of the bigger rides including splash mountain. Her little cheeks and body would just shake because she was so scared on every little hill we went down. Just because she was physically ready to go on these rides does not mean she was emotionally ready to go on these rides. What three year old is tall enough to go on splash mountain? She did get used to it and eventually loved it.
What is not to love about this face? She was an amazing little Disney baby
Always a treat to meet up with Jake and experience rides together. And it makes waiting in line more fun too.
her cheeks are so red and flushed because it was so dang hot with all that humidity in florida.
Lily got in on the Haunted Mansion fun.
And then the moment came when Halle met Rapunzel. Most of these characters are so great with the kids. Dreams do come true.
is it just me or is rapunzel standing awfully close to wes?
We passed this set of Minnie ears on the way to the restroom and Halle couldn't get them out of her mind. I showed her many sets of ears but it had to be the pink ones with the crown and the veil. So we got them and she thought she looked gorgeous the rest of the day.
I really could take my kids here every day.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

florida vacation: day one-sea world

Boy, it's tough to take a toddler and infant across the country with a car seat, strollers, and luggage in tow. Not to mention getting through security and entertaining a 6 month old for the entire five hour flight to Florida. We made it with only one Lily melt down, our sanity still intact, and lots of those frightened looks people give when they see a baby getting on their airplane with them. Little did they know we have the best babies ever.
We met up with the grandparents (who were the disneyworld dreambuilders who made this whole trip happen) and the Bodines for a week of fun.
Our first day was spent in sea world and what better way to enter the park then by meeting Shamu.
You think she is a little nervous to be standing next to a killer whale?
We rode the kiddie rides and Halle taught Jake the joy of putting your hands up on rides. He was laughing hysterically about it.
After lunch there was more rides for the tots and miss Lily even got in on the action.
I really can't get enough of those baby cheeks. Both of my babies have the most delicious cheekies.
As we waited for the killer whale show to start it began to pour rain. And I am not talking about regular old rain. I mean we got dumped on. I had never seen rain like this that just didn't end. We were completely soaked, except Lily who was safe in her covered stroller sound asleep.We eventually made it to the covered stadium to watch the show totally drenched.
Halle was absolutely mesmerized by the things the killer whales could do. She has always loved whales, but to see them come alive for her was magical to watch. I still can't believe those animals can do all those things.
It was my favorite part of the day.
We discovered Lily's favorite thing about the parks early on: the water fountains. She could not take her eyes off them whenever we were close by any water feature.
The rain stopped and we did more rides and saw the dolphin show.
Walking under the shark tank was a definite highlight. I think Halle walked through it about four times. I had to throw in this picture because it is a perfect snapshot of Halle lecturing Jake on proper park etiquette. She thinks she is the boss, and I must admit he does listen to her.
By the time we headed out Halle was completely exhausted, but totally in love with sea world.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

another princess

It's no secret Halle loves all things princess and dressing up. Wes makes sure that miss Lily doewn't miss out on all the fun.
Bracelets, wands, and necklaces.
We start young in this house.

Monday, October 17, 2011

volcano golfing

miniature golfing has officially become volcano golfing in our house because it just so happened that halle's first miniature golf course experience had a huge smoking volcano you play all around. nothing like spending labor day checking out your child's hand/eye/ball coordination. in case you were wondering halle doesn't have any or any real desire to practice. it is all about hitting the ball, no matter which direction it goes.
look at that great form.
the bell family enjoying labor day weekend.
mommy and lily were spectators.
in a tight spot getting help from grandpa.
tiger woods pre-scandal
aren't my sisters in law just gorgeous?
baby bjorn is our best friend.