Thursday, April 29, 2010

what halle did

You may have noticed Halle is nowhere to be found in most of the graduation pictures.
That's because she was a woman on a mission.
She had her own plans.
Here's what Halle did:
Supported dad in her BYU uniform
Played with baby Jake
Ate crackers
Went up and down stairs
Refused to pose for pictures
and Ran through puddles of water
Thanks goodness we had many pairs of eyes and hands to keep an eye on her and keep her entertained.

Monday, April 26, 2010

the graduate

He did it.
Even with all my complaining and sending Halle in to interrupt homework, he still did it.
Weston now holds a masters degree in professional accountancy along with an information systems minor from BYU.
I still remember him working and praying so hard to get into the accounting program and then working and praying for an internship with Ernst and Young and then working and praying to get into the masters program and then working and praying to be offered a full time job.
He did every one of those things and then some.
He found himself on the dean's list and then found himself receiving scholarship after blessed scholarship including one his peers voted for him to receive.
The two graduation days were full of family (some traveling to be there. thank you), cake, and ceremonies.
Wes's sister Kendyl graduated at the same time and it was so sweet to see them end this huge chapter of their lives together.
As I sat in his convocation ceremony I was surprised at how emotional I was.
It finally hit me just how hard he had been working and that he had finally achieved his goal.
I don't think any one will ever know how many hours and late nights and prayers, and dinner conversations were spent trying to get this guy to this point.
It is unbelievable.
And I was so proud you would think I was the one who was graduating.
I think I should have earned a degree in professional lunch making or professional encouraging.
Congratulations Wes!
I witnessed it all.
Let me be the first to say, you so earned this.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday evenings

i just love them.

*next week Wes can actually join us. he will be a graduate.
its about time too. he has been doing some strange things while studying for finals,
like: listening to some 1492 soundtrack he found, destressing by shooting hoops with halle's basketball hoop, requesting potato chips from the store, hitting desks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

channeling ariel

the little mermaid just might live at our house.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the many faces of halle--part three

The third and final part of the faces of Halle series happens to be my favorite face that Halle makes. I give you the laughing face.
Laughing Face
She pulls this face when I ask her to make a laughing face or a happy face. All she does is let out a hearty little "ha ha ha." I love how forced and fake it is.

Things that make Halle happy: Little Mermaid, pink binkys, cookies, mimmys, talking about donald's play place and animals, playing outside, aunt Rachel, watching shows, watching daddy play basketball, eating pizza, the dino game, baby jake, running, monsters, anything scary, reading books in bed, coloring, bubbles, talking about disneyland, the dollar section at target, eating mac and cheese on her princess couch, mickey mouse and all his friends, spitting water out, minnie boots, riding the merry-go-round.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the many faces of halle--part two

Continuing with part two of a three part series of Halle faces. I present the sad face.
Sad Face
For this face Halle will either touch her cheeks and look sad or do some great fake wailing. I am assuming the finger on the cheek is referring to tears.

Things that make Halle sad: diaper rash, seeing the desitin come out to fix the diaper rash problem, getting in trouble, hurting someone, when she doesn't get to do what she wants aka watch a show, when daddy can't play because he is doing homework.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the many faces of halle--part one

Lately Halle has been making faces for different emotions. I will ask her to make a sad face or a mad face etc. and she will pull a face that corresponds with the command. She thinks it is a great game. I just had to capture her doing her faces, so I took some pictures of the three types of faces she loves to make. The first type of face I want to showcase is her "mad face."
Mad Face
She pulls her chin down and reaches her arms out for this little jewel of a face every single time. I don't know where she learned that these gestures mean someone is mad. I sure hope I don't look like that when I get mad. I think she has the "stare down-you better rethink your choices look" spot on though.

Things that make Halle mad: waiting for things (being patient), getting her nose wiped, getting her face wiped, putting clothes on (although she has been much better about this lately), leaving her alone downstairs, sharing her toys with other kids, taking turns with other kids.

Friday, April 9, 2010

easter morning 2010

Grandma Nimer put together an Easter basket for Halle to open on Easter morning while we were in St. George. Halle was so excited to find all the candy inside that all she wanted to do was have me open candy for her. Eventually, she realized there were toys inside. Not just any old toys. There were, in fact Little Mermaid toys sitting inside. The joy on her face is apparent. I didn't know that when you buy your daughter a doll that comes with a change of clothes you spend your whole day taking those clothes on and off. So, Mermaid's fins came off and then her dress came on and then off again, and then the fins were put back on many times that day. She also was given a bunch of color wonder markers and coloring books that she loves. And I love those little things too for they saving my walls and furniture from the wrath of the crayons.
It is always fun when Easter Sunday falls on General Conference weekend. I told Halle we were going to hear the prophet talk about Jesus as we turned on the first session on Saturday morning. We spent those two days watching Conference and Halle kept pointing to the tv and saying "prophet" and I would then ask her what the prophet was talking about and she would say "Jesus."
That little girl is just precious.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

easter egg hunt 2010

Easter weekend found us in St. George at Grandpa and Grandma Nimer's house.
Halle and Jake were sent on an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.
Halle had a hard time holding her bucket and collecting eggs at the same time. She picked a couple up and then realized a bucket with eggs in it is perfect for dumping. So she dumped them out. She got some help from Uncle Ryan who held her bucket while she gathered and then she really took off looking for eggs in the grass and bushes.
Jake was content to sit on the lawn while his eggs were brought to him.
A delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.