Monday, June 30, 2014

the bell girls

I am so behind that I am just now sharing these photos we had taken of our girls just before Christmas (hence the mistletoe).
These girls have changed my world and my heart for the better.  These pictures captured so much of their personalities my heart can't help but skip a beat when I look at them.  They were laughing through most of this shoot and their photographer was able to catch and appreciate the little things they do, like the way Halle was standing on the edges of her boots and how Lily just wanted to be by her sister.
 To my Halle: You are peace and laughter and possess a deep kindness that others are drawn to.  You are endlessly patient with all of us.  You are wise beyond your years.  You are compassionate and fun loving.  You are your sister's safe place.  She adores you and looks to your example.  I can't explain it, but I just feel better when you are around.  There is something eternal and wonderful about you that calms me.  I know we were dear friends long ago.  I am just in awe that you are mine.  It is an honor and privilege to be your mother.
To my Lily: You remind us all how amazing and enchanting this life is.  Your spunk and silliness are contagious.  Your laughter lifts my spirits daily.  You live so passionately that we can't help but want to experience the world with you and see it through your eyes.  You help us live for today and teach us how to love fiercely.  You are sunshine and have helped brighten many dark days.  I am sure you came to this earth with that divine purpose to bless our family.  I pray often to be worthy of you and these amazing qualities you possess.  I am so grateful you are mine, little love.
 It is not always easy to be a sister.  We do our fair share of arguing and fighting in this house.  It is not always easy to have someone who wants to wear what you wear, do what you do, and play with you all the time.  It is not easy when you just want to be with the big girls, but can't keep up.  But I have glimpsed moments when you have comforted each other when one is hurt or afraid.  I have listened to you both squeal with delight as you play together.  I have let you stay up past your bedtime because you are having too much fun together.  This bond you have as sisters is no accident or coincidence.  Your bond whispers of the eternal and I pray you will always nurture that relationship and feel the pull of that bond..
 I was promised as a teenager that my children would be a peace and a joy to my home.  Both of you have fulfilled that and so much more.  You are truly heaven sent.  
Love, Mom