Thursday, June 24, 2010

if i were a rich woman

What would I do with a bundle of money?
Let's be honest.
Probably won't be saving it.
I love giving money to a good cause as much as the next guy, but nope, not giving it to charity.
You can only take so many vacations before you are tired of traveling and want your own bed.
So what would I do with a million dollars?
Buy toys.
Lots and lots of toys for my little chicky.
Call me selfish, call her spoiled, call us worldly, call it whatever you want.
Nothing would make me happier.
That and a few pairs of louboutin heels.

Friday, June 18, 2010

i got a tan

Last week we spent a week at Grandpa and Grandma Nimer's house in St. George.
It was a great little getaway because, of course, we are always spoiled silly with food, sleep, and toys.
Here is a rundown of all the St. George happenings:
*Swimming in Grandma's big pool
*Pirate Island Pizza where we were seated in the "scary woods" which made it the best in Halle's mind
*Deal or No Deal addiction in the arcade
*Spending $15 on games and only having a rubber duck, a rubber shark, and two lollipops to show for it
*Visiting the red rocks
*Playing in the rain
*Much studying for the CPA exam
*Golf lessons for Wes
*Going to the temple to see where Mom and Dad got married
*Lunch outside at twenty five main eating delicious sandwiches and amazing fresh raspberry cupcakes with my sweetheart
*Running in the mornings with no allergies
*More swimming
*Late night Harry Potter movie watching
*Playing at the park with all the water works
*Baking a cake with Grandma
*Some NBA Finals action
*Playing trains with baby Jake
*Lots of head rubbing from Halle and mauling from Jake
*Halle waking up every morning asking to play with the toy kitchen
*Going to see animals with Grandpa
And I am a little bit tan now, so I would say the trip was a success.

Monday, June 7, 2010

happy birthday

Uncle Anthony
I was getting pretty upset with myself for not being able to find a recent picture of you on my computer.
The latest one I have is when Jake is only a few weeks old and the only reason I have that was because you guys came up here for a doctor's appointment.
But then I realized the reason I don't have a picture is simple.
It is because you work hard and play hard.
While all of us are sitting around doing fun things and snapping pictures you are either at work providing for your family, being a wonderful dad to Jake, or playing with my husband.
So I am not upset, because no picture is a perfect way to describe the way you work hard for your family.
Bless you for that.
We hope you have a wonderful birthday!
We love you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

kid, you have no idea

There is a scene in one of my favorite television shows "Gilmore Girls" where mother Lorelai and daughter Rory are reunited after not speaking to each other for many months. Rory hops out of her car as she returns home and meets her mom on their front lawn. Of course they hug and say how sorry they are and how stupid they have been. Rory then tells her mom she loves her and the part that always gets me is when Lorelai replies, "Kid, you have no idea."
That just about sums up the love I have for this little girl.
Kid, you have no idea.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

love is

a husband who will watch the whole 5 hour BBC Pride and Prejudice and enjoy it.
running in inches of mud and then watching my husband clean off my running shoes for me.
a baby who wants a toy story cake, a mermaid toy, and pink candy for her birthday.
planting flowers next to my husband while the baby runs around the yard.
saying prayers with my baby who is thankful for woody and putting woody's hat on.
playing mario till all hours of the night with my husband.
singing to a baby who barely fits in my arms every night.
sharing grapes at lunch time.
having my husband home all day, every day.
this summer.