Tuesday, February 18, 2014

halloween 2013

 For Halloween, the girls randomly decided they wanted to be Alice in Wonderland.  For Halle I think it was mostly the blue dress and Lily just wants to exactly like Halle.  So we had two identical Alice costumes and two darling sisters who loved their dresses. And it was even warm enough to just layer and ditch the coats.
 Sweetest little sisters I've ever seen.
 This is their "down the rabbit hole" pose.
 Each year one of our neighbors hosts a Halloween block party.  A little pot luck dinner before the kids head out trick or treating.  Our girls love a little time to hang out with their buddies before the fun.
 We wait for dad to get home before we head out and this year we were lucky enough to have grandma and grandpa join in the trick or treating.
 Halloween is one of my Halle's most favorite holidays.  And Lily gets caught up in all the magic too.