Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Lovie

Leave it to our wonderful cousin Mandi Gubler to not only give birth to her second child, a beautiful sweet girl, but also to give birth to the cutest new baby business. Mandi has created Little Lovie Baby Boutique and really I am obsessed with her stuff. Mandi makes everything from car seat covers, sleepers, and blankies, to the cute little "lovie bum" you see Halle in above. It is the cutest thing to see Halle waddling around and it is so perfect for the summer when babies need to stay cool (especially at Wymount where there is no air conditioning!). Mandi works with all kinds of fabric and themes and is amazing. Definitely taking baby fashion to new stylish level. Check out her boutique blog for all the styles, products, and info!

Monday, April 20, 2009


This Easter was my first experience as the Easter Bunny. I loved it! Even though Halle had no idea what was going on she loved digging into her Easter basket...until she found the Easter grass at the bottom. She won't go near it and makes a disgusted face every time her hand brushes it. We were thinking of using it as barriers in the front room for a makeshift playpen. She will not go past it.
We celebrated the day by giving Easter baskets, attending church, watching the movie The Testaments, and then dying Easter eggs. It was such a fun Sunday even though Halle was still getting over a cold. We hope your family had a Happy Easter! "He is not here, but is risen." Luke 24:6

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Walt...

Dear Walt Disney,
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what an amazing time our family had at Disney World. We were able to spend a week there and I really do have to praise you on your location choice. The weather was amazing! The only problem was keeping Halle's sun hat on her head. We loved seeing our little girl have so much fun outside and on the rides that she was able to go on. She especially loved Pirates, and It's a Small World. It was the best trip mostly because it was so fun to have her there. And mom and dad made it nice by watching her and letting Wes and I hit a few of the big rides. The improvements you made to the Tower of Terror caught me off it! We really had such an amazing trip. Halle was an angel on the flight and even all day at the parks. She is such a good traveler. However, I do have a few bones to pick with you Mr. Disney:
1. Where is Mickey Mouse? Halle loves Mickey Mouse and I was pretty excited to see how she would react to seeing a huge Mickey right in front of her face. But, in the week that we were there I did not see him once! And on top of not seeing Mickey you had to wait in a huge line if you wanted to see any of the other characters. What happened to just walking up to the characters like you could in the old days. Autograph books have taken over the park! Oh well I am sure when Halle gets old enough we will be standing in many lines to get the Princess signatures. In the end the only characters we got close to were Belle and the Beast. This pictures shows you what Halle thought of the Beast.
2. Why are your rides so small? This is not a problem for me. I fit into the all of the rides just fine. Wes, however, rarely fits comfortably in any of the rides. His knees are always up to his chest scrunched real close to his body. You know it is a problem when one of the employees tries to tell him to put his feet flat on the floor and then realizes he is and it just looks like he isn't because his knees are up so high. I was thinking they could have a special car on each ride for extra tall people and their families. There would also be a special line for these people, so that would probably cut down on line time for us as well.
3. What is the deal with your strollers? They look like huge plastic boxes on wheels. I will admit they turn and maneuver nicely, but there is no way a child could fall asleep in one of those things. They are so hard and there is nowhere to recline. I understand that it is all about efficiency and you need them to be hard so you can just spray them off, but we had to end up buying an umbrella stroller we could tilt back and let Halle sleep in. Just a minor issue that's all.
4. Finally, What is going on in the Disney World kitchen? Let's face it, your food is not that good. It is an age old question really...How do you produce food for the masses (and really there were a lot of masses at your park) that tastes good. I don't know if it is possible, but really the prices you chose for the food you serve are ridiculous. Mediocre food deserves mediocre prices.

Those are just a few things I thought I would share with you to help you improve your park. My family and I had an amazing time and I think every day since we have been home one of us says we miss Florida or that we wish we were still in Disney World. Love the park, love the location, love Mickey, and love you. Thank you for creating the happiest place on earth!

Love, The Bells